Masterclass Hosted by JDP Procurement

Your Supply Chain Holds The Key to Maintaining and Improving Profitability and Efficiency

Masterclasses offering expert advice to protect law firms from on-going threats and breaches. Designed to evaluate the strategies and systems which can assist the legal sector in combating cyber threats, whilst offering optimal protection for today’s modern law firm.

Masterclass Description

A wave of compounding issues such as increasing food costs,  high energy costs and fiscal instability have led to a new global recession.  Supply chains are being stress-tested against high cost/low supply challenges that are making it difficult for firms to optimise profitability and efficiency. Inflation and cost rises are impacting all kinds of strategic supplier contracts in law firms. As with the 2008 global financial crisis, efficient procurement practices are going to be critical to supporting cross-industry recoveries and adding value.

Economic storm clouds are gathering at warp speed, with rampant inflation already with us and UK recession predicted. Operations, IT and other business support teams will be expected to find new sources of efficiency rapidly and need to be prepared for pressure on budgets and the need to find savings and maximise value across the board.

Learning Objectives

  • Controlling rising costs & managing supply chain resilience
  • Reviewing & baselining your policies, processes & procurement governance
  • Repositioning & communicating the strategic potential of procurement & supply chain management, including group-wide contracting & spend aggregation – in a sector that has historically not prioritised the cost of goods & services
  • Identifying potential term & discount renegotiation to unlock further cost savings
  • How vendor management initiatives can create value
  • Adopting a risk-based approach to procurement & cost risk
  • Addressing ESG & sustainability targets in your supply chain.


JDP Procurement

JDP are an established, customer-centric Procurement Consultancy with a proven track record in working with clients across the Public, Private and Not-for-Profit sector. Our experienced team of experts have been delivering best-in-class efficiency and value adding solutions for clients across the Legal sector for almost 20-years.

JDP’s performance has elevated our position within the industry, and enabled us to offer a distinct service to support operational resilience and commercial management within the Legal sector

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