First direct – changes to the way mortgage instructions will be issued to conveyancers

20th Jun, 2018 / Authorities & Faculties, News

first direct – Changes to the way in which mortgage instructions will be issued to conveyancers

We’d like to inform you of a change to how you are instructed by first direct.

Currently, all first direct instructions to conveyancers are sent in a paper format. From 02/07/18 first direct will be issuing these instruction by email with a letter confirming the customer details, the customer’s mortgage offer document, the type of case which is being instructed and the website URL where you will be able to download the relevant legal document templates. So that you are aware of the legitimacy, the email address this will be issued from will be: legalinstructions@firstdirect.com

Please contact first direct on 0113 236 7032 if you have a query.

Contributor: Council for Licensed Conveyancers

Website: www.conveyancer.org.uk

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