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The Role of The Legal IT Leader is Changing – Are You?

Masterclasses designed to support law firm leaders and managers with the knowledge and skills required to create agile and high performing teams. Offering expert advice to support businesses in developing cross functional growth strategies, with a focus on operational efficiencies, performance and growth.

  • Location: The Lowry Hotel, Stream 1
  • Time: 11:30 – 13:00
  • Duration: 1.5 Hours

Masterclass Description

The role of legal IT leaders in firms of all shapes and sizes has been changing fast in recent years.  And it seems likely that the pace at which those roles are evolving will continue to speed up. How can IT leaders balance business as usual / keeping the lights on and compliance with the accelerating demands for client-facing LegalTech, innovation and products.  CIOs, CTOs and IT Directors are having to cope with the increased prominence and strategic significance of IT in firms (evidenced by the pandemic and the cyber threat in recent years), whilst managing rocketing expectations of almost instant response and resolution to any IT issue from users, now distributed and often working from home.

Learning Objectives

For legal IT leaders personal reflection on some key questions is an essential component of planning and taking control of their career:

  • Where can your skills and know-how be most effectively utilised?
  • How do you keep abreast of the latest developments and thinking in key technology areas, whilst ensuring the lights stay on?
  • Are you going to be able to continue to span such a broad range of internal and external, strategic and operational technology responsibility?
  • What resources, support and investment do you need to maximise your positive impact and leverage your expertise?
  • Who are your key allies and partners in introducing digital change to your firm and how can you work more effectively with them?
  • What does your ideal role look like in 5 years time and what do you need to do now to ensure you have the best chance of getting it?

Which are the leadership, management and interpersonal skills successful IT leaders need most in this volatile and uncertain environment?


Marcel Henri


Smart LegalTech

Former Global CIO at Dentons, Marcel is a recognized international technology executive and business transformation leader with over 25 years’ experience with large-scale business integration and merger in the legal services vertical. During his career, Marcel has driven the onboarding and successful Information Technology integration of over 60 law firms across all continents.

Uniquely skilled at navigating in both mature and emerging markets, Marcel founded SMART LegalTech in 2022 to provide advisory services and best-in-class software solutions to overcome the strategic and operational challenges of the most sophisticated and demanding law firms and corporate legal teams.