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Free Webinar: Easily Prepare Bundles Directly from iManage

Bundledocs is cloud based technology for the easy creation of electronic court bundles and deal bibles. To celebrate one year since the launch of our integration with iManage, we will be running a FREE webinar on Wednesday, February 28th.

Join us for this informative webinar to see how easy it is to collaboratively prepare bundles directly from iManage FileSite and DeskSite. Bundledocs Operations Director Brian Kenneally and Sales Director Matt Breen will cover:

  • Integration: How Bundledocs seamlessly links with iManage FileSite and DeskSite
  • Mobility: How to create and view bundles on the move
  • Collaboration: How to collaboratively work with others on document preparation
  • Attendee Exclusive: All attendees will receive a FREE all access 30-day Bundledocs trial

Our webinar is taking place on Wednesday, February 28th at 11:00AM GMT. To book your place contact us by email on, by phone on +44 20 3239 0930 or register direct via:

About Bundledocs

Bundledocs ( bundling solution was developed in-house by Legal IT Ltd. who are based in the Republic of Ireland. Bundledocs evolved from a request from our Chairman and well known solicitor Frank Lanigan. While working on a particularly large case, he grew frustrated and wanted a solution to simplify the process. Bundledocs simplifies document preparation by collating your documents (emails, PDFs, word documents, images) into a single PDF bundle. It automatically handles indexing, hyperlinking, bookmarking and can be OCR’d for full search-ability. Share it, access it online and print it.