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Legal Innovation: Powering Law Firms Post a Global Pandemic and Beyond

How can law firms fast-track enhanced work process efficiency in the office and remotely?
Even though there has been a steady move back to the office working environment following the forced lockdowns during the height of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, increasing numbers of firms in the legal sector have continued to adopt hybrid working practices.
From adaptation to remote working, conversion to conducting client meetings and even court hearings online, to electronic document management, the speed at which legal tech innovation continues to evolve has yet to see any signs of slowing down.
Many law firms are embracing the change and are seeing the benefits of legal tech and automation, using enhanced technology solutions to improve efficiency in their fee-earning teams and across all their business functions. However, as discussed in our previous article – What is happening in legal tech – insights from the XBundle Team (which can be viewed on our website) there still seems to be some resistance from the legal sector to rely on the use of legal tech or law tech, with just over a third confirming use of document and contract automation, machine learning and interactive portals and websites. Furthermore, just a quarter are planning to do so in the future.
Nevertheless, legal tech investment is steadily increasing, and those firms willing to take a step towards tech transformation can deliver a more seamless client experience that keeps pace with the economic change, driving efficiency and increased profitability within their teams.
There are few limits to what legal practice processes can be improved by automation, artificial intelligence, and digital transformation. Almost any aspect of a work process can benefit from this.
Here are a few that could be considered:
• Standard document processing
• Online document access and completion
• SMS updates, case tracking and key activity reporting
• Electronic Signature of documents – e-signing
• Integrated compliance check software
• Scheduling of core tasks through workflow management
• Automated communication, collaboration, presentation, and reporting
• Case and compliance management
Finding the right solution that works for your firm to automate core processes can reduce the likelihood of errors, speed up routine and repetitive tasks, improve efficiency and make your law firm more productive. As well as improving efficiency, automated work processes can help firms comply with their regulatory obligations, which are becoming increasingly more stringent.

Electronic Bundling Solutions
One of the biggest problems legal teams face, is collating and collaborating on large data sets and associated materials that need to be reviewed on complex litigation matters. At XBundle, we have designed a range of solutions that provides quantifiable and sustainable value, helping firms take control, save time, and improve efficiency. More importantly, we are committed to creating affordable and user-friendly software.

Included in our range of solutions is our unique software, XBundle::Create, explicitly designed to give you the ability to create your electronic bundle.
XBundle::Create is different from other software-as-a-service (SaaS) tools as XBundle::Create provides electronic trial bundle software and trial presentation software in one single platform.

XBundle::Create can be used to create, view and download bundles in PDF electronic bookmarked. PDF format or as print ready hard copy. All XBundle::Create bundles are court compliant. It also includes features such as document redaction, annotations, auto-mated hyperlinked indexes, side by side view, auto-mated pagination and bookmarks.

The software also has an in-built trial presentation function which can be used as additional service at hearing. You’ll be able to have side by side view on one 24″ monitor. E.g. First page of Witness statement on the left side of your screen and last page of Witness statement on the right side of your screen. This makes is very easy for counsel to cross-examine the witness.

View the XBundle Create Solution at the British Legal Tech Forum
XBundle Ltd. is delighted to announce its sponsorship of the British Legal Tech Forum which takes place on the 10th May 2023 at Old Billingsgate, London. It is an opportunity to demo our platform XBundle::CREATE and discuss our services with new law firms that want the same benefits enjoyed by our current client list. If you are keen to meet to discuss your needs, please contact the XBundle team on 0207 871 3125 or email