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Jo Owen

As CIO at Cripps, Jo is passionate about communicating and engaging with the business to understand the needs of the legal and support teams, and ensuring the right processes and systems are in place to deliver the best possible service to our clients. With over twenty years’ experience in the legal sector, working at firms of between 50 to over 4,500 people, she has a deep understanding of how law firms operate, enabling her to focus on ensuring efficiency and effectiveness.

Jo started life on the service desk and worked her way up as a systems engineer, IT and Operations manager, Head of Service Delivery, Operations Director and CIO so has a solid understanding of technology to now support her role driving the firm’s strategy.

She is also the Divisional Head for the Central Services Division at Cripps. This includes the firm’s central Paralegal Team, Document Production and Administration teams as well as the ICT, Projects and Innovation teams. Jo sees her division as being enablers for the business and its clients and her vision is to drive value through efficiency and quality service delivery.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of her role is working with such talented and dedicated teams: she values building relationships with them and the wider business to promote collaborative working, whilst making sure to have fun along the way!