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About Us

Netlaw Media ® is an established UK-based events organiser, with speciality in the legal sector. We deliver renown large scale exhibitions, conferences and training programmes using in person and digital offerings highly targeted to the international legal sector.

Legal Events, Exhibitions & Conferences:

As a leader within the legal and tech events market, Netlaw Media events are renowned for integrating a formulated blend of strategy, case studies, interactive workshops and open discussions, to offer legal professionals a leading edge in a constantly evolving and demanding marketplace.

Netlaw Media’s Major Upcoming Legal Events in 2024:

The British Legal Technology Forum  – 14th May 2024

The London Law Expo – 3rd October 2024

The British Legal Technology Awards – 20th November 2024

LegalTech Talks 

Produced and hosted by leading legal event organisers Netlaw Media Limited ®, the LegalTech Talks series has delivered over 50 successful online events since launching in 2020. Born out of the nationwide lockdown, this series was established with a goal to ensure the ongoing mobility of thought-leadership within the legal community.

Following the LegalTech Talks successes the Global series continues to offer instant access to a platform full of a range of interactive live debates, discussions, and conversational virtual roundtables. Supported by over a decade of industry connections, and essential access to insider trends, the production of the Global LegalTech Talks series is enriched with a quality balance of insights, expertise, and debate. The Global LegalTech Talks series is unrivalled and unmatched in quality, delivering dynamic and accessible content to the legal and technology community.

This digital offering has featured over 100 thought leaders, spanning the private practice, in-house and the vendor community.

As our community responds and reacts in an ever-evolving and exciting digital world, Netlaw Media is excited to offer flexible approaches to thought leadership.

The British Legal Masterclass Series

A series of high level hard-hitting masterclasses delivered by expert trainers, which look at leadership, strategies, advice and designed to overcome a wide range of issues facing law firms, of all sizes in the current climate.


DELTAS was created by a group who are passionate about creating change within the legal IT community.

Over the last thirty years, despite tremendous progress being made in Equality, Diversity & Inclusion within our everyday lives, a vast portion of professionals don’t believe that this is the case within the Legal IT community. Whether it be through media bias, education, personal experiences or individual expectations, diversity is still a challenge and one that we are moving to change.

DELTAS mission is to to promote and encourage inclusiveness and diversity in all aspects of Information Technology and Security whilst maintaining standards of excellence, but with particular reference to the LegalTech sector.

Corporate Partnership is open to any business which believes in the importance of diversity, and to individuals who are working full time within legal services.

Online Media / Social Media:

Netlaw Media owns and operates a range of highly followed websites and social media pages including Twitter (@NetlawMedia @LegalTechNLM ) with circa 42,000 followers.

Bespoke Event Management:

Netlaw Media will work with you to lead the organisation and delivery of any event. As a successful events organisation who deliver leading annual sector events, our teams bring a wealth of industry experience
and community connections that will ensure the delivery of your bespoke and tailored event.

We have an established relationship with a broad range of tried and tested suppliers and will manage the information flow with your internal teams and externally with third-party suppliers for any project.