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Having Better Pricing Conversations – Focusing on Value

Masterclasses offer a unique platform enabling you an opportunity to ask questions based upon your specific needs. Providing direct access to professional expert advice from a trusted advisor, each class is designed to overcome distinct issues facing law firms of all sizes in the current climate.

Masterclass description

Pricing has more impact on a firm’s profitability than any other factor, so getting it right should be one of the top priorities. As clients become more sophisticated and critical of fees and billing arrangements, pressure on firms is mounting to justify the numbers and convince clients that price equals value.

  • Understanding the impact successful pricing can have, and how other leading firms are responding to client requests at this time
  • Understanding the characteristics of the ‘right price’ and what the implications are for you/ your firm
  • Understanding the two key approaches to change the client pricing conversation and influence their willingness to pay
  • Becoming familiar with a comprehensive framework for identifying the value you/ your firm create for your clients
  • Exploring how leading partners credibly demonstrate the value they deliver, and
  • Understanding successful methods of communicating value before, during and upon the successful completion of matters.


Stuart Dodds, co-founder and Principal,
Positive Pricing 

Stuart Dodds is co-founder and Principal of Positive Pricing. He was one of the first and longest serving pricing and LPM directors in the industry, working firstly with Linklaters and then Baker McKenzie having previously been a Management Consultant for 18 years, and has consultant to many law firms subsequently.

He is an accredited Certified Pricing Professional (CPP), Accredited Legal Pricing Professional (ALPP), and Accredited Legal Project Manager (ALPM).  Stuart also sits on a number of industry-related advisory bodies, is a Fellow of the College of Law Practice Management and one of the founders and board member of the Legal Value Network.  He was also the first recipient of the TVPi Legal Pricing and Legal Project Management Educator of the Year (awarded June 2019).

Stuart is a frequent speaker at conferences and is extensively quoted in pricing and project management publication and journals, and is also the author of the first book covering law firm pricing, negotiation and LPM, ‘Smarter Pricing, Smarter Profit’, published by the American Bar Association in May 2014 (with the second edition published in December 2019), and the editor of, and main contributor to, ‘Pricing on the Front Line’, published by the American Bar Association in January 2017.