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Access at 09:45 BST – PANEL: Regulatory Responsibility of LegalTech – Future of AI

  1. The momentum on the crucial conversations around AI
  2. The core considerations for legal leaders featuring senior representatives from the legal regulatory bodies.

Live at 10:35 BST – PANEL DISCUSSION: Buy, Build, Both or Integrate

  • Can off-the-shelf tech truly align with business processes & the needs of the business
  • Commercialising offerings that are designed around core business process for a more customised outcome
  • Challenges facing of-the-shelf products & tech stack integration
  • Building the right skills & talent in challenging climates
  • Future proofing for tomorrow.

Access at 15:20 BST – Curb Your Enthusiasm: Impactful Insider Mobilisation for Digital Change

Libby will reflect on what she has learned in the last decade from the interplay of external influences, organisational frameworks, & stakeholder management to help us take the critical next big step forward in legal technology deployment.

  • Human Connection in the Digital Era
  • AI & Technology Shaping the Future
  • Bringing the Next Generation into Technology.

LIVE at 14:05 BST – Neuralink, Apple Vision Pro, AI, The Mind And Building Virtual Worlds – Perspectives From a Futurist

  • Our Evolving Reality – Bridging AI, the mind & perception into the augmented/virtual & mixed realities of the future
  • The Apple Vision Pro & Spatial Compute – The needed imperfect tangible template forward into an augmented workplace
  • Neuralink – Exploring an embedded ongoing tangible attempt in bridging Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, AI & the Mind
  • Bridging virtual worlds with the minds, AI & workplace builds of the future.

LIVE at 14:50 BST – PANEL DISCUSSION: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugliness of LLMs

  • Harnessing the power of generative AI for client advantage
  • Protecting the wider infrastructure from threats & supressing data leakage from the cloud
  • Diffusing bias & suppressing declining data value & longevity
  • Ensuring compliance & accountability
  • Preparing everyone, everywhere.

Live at 16:00 BST – Keynote Fireside Chat and Live Audience Q&A

Join Conference Chairman Prof. Richard Susskind OBE KC (Hon) & Louis Theroux, where they will discuss:

  • Human Connection in the Digital Era
  • AI & Technology Shaping the Future
  • Bringing the Next Generation into Technology.

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