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Making Procurement Pay – Unlocking The Value of Your Supply Chain

Masterclass Description

A wave of compounding issues such as increasing food costs, high energy costs and fiscal instability have led to a new global recession.  Supply chains are being stress-tested against high cost/low supply challenges that are making it difficult for firms to optimise profitability and efficiency. Inflation and cost rises are impacting all kinds of strategic supplier contracts in law firms. As with the 2008 global financial crisis, efficient procurement practices are critical to supporting cross-industry recoveries and adding value. 

Economic storm clouds are gathering at warp speed, with rampant inflation already with us and UK recession predicted. Operations, IT and other business support teams will be expected to find new sources of efficiency rapidly and need to be prepared for pressure on budgets and the need to find savings and maximise value across the board. 

Learning Objectives

  1. The benefits of implementing a strategic approach to procurement, and controlling rising costs
  2. Managing supply chain resilience
  3. Creating an effective procurement governance structure
  4. The value of vendor management initiatives
  5. Adopting a risk-based approach to procurement
  6. Addressing ESG and sustainability targets in your supply chain


Jenny Powell

Procurement & Supply Chain Leader

JDP Procurement

Jenny is a well-respected procurement and supply chain leader, with 25 years’ experience driving transformational change within the private sector and 15 years within legal services sector. Founder and Managing Director of both JDP Procurement Services, and named as one of the top 35 under 35’s in the procurement industry and a name to watch for the future of Supply Chain ESG.

Jenny is passionate about delivering value-driven, lower risk and resilient supply chains through effective supplier relationship management, and collaborating to drive change through innovation. Her roles include Head of Procurement and CPO for Eversheds, and consultant procurement lead for multiple magic circle and top tier law firms within the UK, US and Australia. More recently Jenny founded Calathea Supply Chain, a state-of-the-art supply chain sustainability platform that helps businesses tackle supply chain sustainability challenges, managing risk and taking suppliers on the journey to a sustainable future.