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LegalTech Talks – Masterclasses

Netlaw is delighted to announce the ‘Executive Masterclass Series – Restructure, Survive, Succeed’.  A virtual and in person series of masterclasses, which will look at strategies, advice and demonstrations which are designed to overcome a wide range of issues facing law firms, of all sizes in the current climate.

Offering firms with information designed to open the way to implement new proven strategies, mitigate risk, manage legacy systems, whilst exploring the core leadership drivers needed to drive operational performance and optimal client services.

Through the downturn and during an era of increased competition, differentiation and advantage in the digital landscape is paramount.

In alignment with the mission of ‘LegalTech Talks’ the Masterclasses series will continue to deliver access to educational, actionable and intelligent insights, as well as real-world expertise. The primary focus being an emphasis on the restructure, survival and success of legal services.

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Past Masterclasses include:

Technology – “Strategic Transformation – Aligning Digitalisation & Risk”

Masterclasses designed to support the alignment of digital transformation strategies within the legal services. With a focus on new technologies entering the market, disruption, innovation and the future of the profession.

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Management – “Leadership and Practice-Management Challenges Facing Legal Services”

Masterclasses designed to support law firm leaders and managers with the knowledge and skills required to create agile and high performing teams. Offering expert advice to support businesses in developing cross functional growth strategies, with a focus on operational efficiencies, performance and growth.

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Finance – “Having Better Pricing Conversations – Focusing on Value”

Masterclasses offering expert advice to support pricing strategies, revenue growth, finance, cost reduction and risk management. Pricing has more impact on a firm’s profitability than any other factor, so getting it right should be one of the top priorities. As clients become more sophisticated and critical of fees and billing arrangements, pressure on firms is mounting to justify the numbers and convince clients that price equals value.

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Security – “Crisis Management”

Masterclasses offering expert advice to protect law firms from on-going threats and breaches. Designed to evaluate the strategies and systems which can assist the legal sector in combating cyber threats, whilst offering optimal protection for today’s modern law firm.

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