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Behavioural Pressures; The Non-Binary Human in Cybersecurity

Missed the London Law Expo 2022? Listen to a recording of this live presentation at the London Law Expo 2022 simply by clicking the play button above.

Presentation Title: ‘Behavioural Pressures; The Non-Binary Human in Cybersecurity’

Podcast Overview:

  • Challenging the status quo on set security culture in an agile environment
  • Top-down effects on security awareness & innovation
  • Unlike a binary firewall, human error is inherently random; a lapse in attention or judgement can occur at any time, often with seemingly no context to prompt it
  • How to use data to empower, not complicate your strategy.

Tash Norris –  Head of Cyber Security,  Moonpig

Tash is currently Head of Cyber Security at Moonpig Group, with previous roles within e-commerce and financial services entities. She is an avid threat modeller and cloud security expert and has most recently spent the last 2 years building a new group security capability and navigating a successful IPO in the UK stock market. Tash is a long time cyber security nerd, experienced speaker, panellist and podcast guest, speaking on a range of both technical and behavioural topics. Her latest talks have had a particular focus on burnout, psychological safety and why you IoT devices will be the downfall of us all.

Tash is also on the review board for DevSecCon, an advisory board member for a vineyard (everyone needs a hobby) and an avid advocate for Women in Tech/Cyber.