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The Changing Face of Legal Technology: The Response of The CTO

Missed the British Legal Technology Forum 2018? Listen to a recording of this live presentation at the British Legal Technology Forum 2018 simply by clicking the play button above.

Presentation Title: ‘The Changing Face of Legal Technology: The Response of The CTO

Podcast Overview:

  • Why technology is becoming critical to the success of law firms
  • How should CTO’s respond when there is a heightened level of change on the way
  • What does the future legal CTO & I.T team look like.

Richard Hodkinson – Chief Technology Officer, DWF

A Chartered Engineer. A conscientious and authentic IT leader with > 20 years of board-level experience in acquisitive, energetic law firms and the CTO of Top 20 legal business DWF. Ranked number 24 in CIO Magazine’s Top UK CIOs and Top 20 in the CIO Legal Power List 2014

DWF has a very entrepreneurial leadership which recognises, uses and promotes technology as a differentiator. After explosive growth, DWF now has c3000 employees in 30+ locations globally, providing a full range of legal services. With a £250m+ turnover, the IT team operates with a heavy focus on managing changer and the delivering quality services to a demanding and evolving practice. Innovation and lateral thinking remain at the heart of everything we put our minds to.

Recognised as a change agent with an entrepreneurial edge and lots of ‘can do’, the CTO combines a holistic, creative and pragmatic approach to finding solutions.

I am currently the Chairman of DWF3SixtyLtd.