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Exclusive interview with Austin Pierson, Account Executive, ScienceLogic

During this exclusive podcast, Netlaw Media is delighted to present an exclusive interview with Austin Pierson, Account Executive, ScienceLogic

In an exclusive interview Austin discusses:

  • The main challenges that he has seen the legal industry face in terms of key decision making, as a result of Covid-19?
  • With new cloud services coming into play very quickly, how can firms utilise technologies such as automation and machine learning to lower IT operating costs?
  • Many firms still have concerns with cloud, how does this increase quality of service to teams and clients?
  • Where will the legal industry be in 5 years?

Austin Pierson, Account Executive, UK, Middle East Africa & Southern Europe

Austin has over 17 years of experience in helping organisations quickly save money in IT operations, whilst improving the experience of Digital Users, working for IBM & now ScienceLogic. Having worked with small, local clients, up to global multi-nationals, Austin found that the same old problem always exists – when something goes wrong in IT, it takes too long and is expensive to fix, leaving operational costs that are at least 21% higher than they should be, as well as clients both internal and external, who don’t get the service they need, and in this age of Digital innovation, poor experience costs Law firms not just in lost fee earner, but often creates high profile bad publicity. Austin’s unique approach to data-driven automation in IT, helps clients get pro-active with fixing IT problems before they happen and drastically reduces the time spent to fix from hours, to minutes, reducing serious IT problems by as much as 98%!