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An Exclusive Interview with Karl Knowles, Head of Cyber – HFW

During this exclusive pre-event Podcast, Netlaw Media is delighted to present ‘European Legal Security Forum 2021’ speaker Karl Knowles, Head of Cyber – HFW.

In an exclusive interview ahead of his presentation, Karl discusses:

  • ‘Bridging the gap’ between lawyers and information security, and fundamental changes identified over the past 18 months (mindsets, cultures, etc)
  • How client demands have evolved in recent years
  • Where he sees the delivery of legal IT security progressing over the next few years
  • What law firm leaders should be proactively prioritising at this time
  • What barriers he feels the community are still facing when it comes to legal security.

Karl Knowles, Head of Cyber – HFW

Karl is responsible for the global cyber security programme at HFW LLP.

He began his career as a communications engineer in the British Army. At the second half of his career he was employed within multiple information security roles, advising senior military leadership on the global deployment of information and communications systems.

He then built upon this successful 25 year military career moving to consultancy at BSI and then, Deloitte LLP. It was during this time that Karl quickly established himself as a subject matter expert, advising private and public clients towards the development of improved cyber and privacy strategies.

He is a champion of veterans employment and a full member of the Chartered Institute of Information Security.