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Exclusive Interview on legal innovation with BLTF 2023 Sponsor Thomson Reuters

During this exclusive Podcast, Netlaw Media is delighted to present ‘British Legal Technology Forum 2023’ Sponsor, Kirsty Ramsay, Director, Product Management, Thomson Reuters. This conversational piece includes sector predictions including, evolving client needs and industry innovation. During this 20 minute interview, Kirsty shares insights into the challenges facing law firm leaders in a more agile legal environment.

In this exclusive interview Kirsty discusses:

  • Considering the volume of new solutions entering the market and the rapid adaption required in response to external conditions and client needs, is the sector thriving and changing for the better?
  • With an increased focus on end-to-end solutions such as contract Lifecyle and Transaction management (and more), where do you see the legal industry evolving over the next 2 years, to ensure that both clients and firm needs are met?
  • What is holding law firms or businesses back from adopting more true SaaS solutions?
  • Where do you see the industry developing in terms of innovation over the next 5 years?

Kirsty Ramsay, Director, Product Management, Thomson Reuters

Prior to joining Thomson Reuters, Kirsty obtained a law degree and worked in legal roles both in private practice and in-house. She then went on to become a Solutions Consultant at HighQ Thomson Reuters before joining the Product team. This first-hand experience provides her with the deep insight and understanding to focus on solving the pain points and pressures that legal teams face, and as a Director of Product, helps to transform customer experiences by delivering new and innovative technology solutions focused on end to end workflows. Kirsty is passionate about building relationships, improving business processes, and finding new ways to help customers get the most out of their legal technology.

Visit The ‘Thomson Reuters’ Insights Stage on the Ground Floor at ‘The British Legal Technology Forum 2023’ on 10th May, at Old Billingsgate in London.