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Exclusive Interview With BLTF 2023 Sponsor DISCO

During this exclusive Podcast, Netlaw Media sits down with ‘British Legal Technology Forum 2023’ Sponsor, Katie DeBord, Vice President, Product Strategy, DISCO to talk about how tech pioneers in firms around the globe are successfully championing new ways of working with technology.

In this exclusive conversation, Katie discusses:

  • How innovators in law firms are transforming the traditional matter-by-matter vendor selection and moving towards tech partnerships that save time and money.
  • What DISCO has learned about working with tech pioneers on proofs of concept — allowing firms and organisations to test everything they’re being sold.
  • How firms can manage conversations with clients around tech partnerships and leverage their vendor client success teams to define the benefits to clients.
  • What’s around the corner for innovators interested in keeping their firm ahead of the legaltech curve.

Katie DeBord, Vice President of Product Strategy at DISCO.

Katie began her legal career as a trial attorney in an AMLAW 100 firm specialising in class action defence as well as complex contract, patent, and IP licensing matters. She later moved into the role of Global Chief Innovation Officer, where she was able to continue to develop her passion for putting innovative new technologies at the heart of modern legal practice. As a recognised leader in legal innovation and technology, she is frequently asked to speak at events and lectures around the globe.

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