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Exclusive Interview with BLTF 2023 Sponsor NetDocuments

During this exclusive Podcast, Netlaw Media is delighted to present ‘British Legal Technology Forum 2023’ Sponsor, Jill Schornack, Vice President, Product, NetDocuments. During this 20 minute interview, Jill shares her thoughts on what AI Technology means for the legal industry.

In this exclusive interview Jill discusses:

  • There is a lot of hype around AI.. what do you think this technology means for the legal industry?
  • What are some of the things legal professionals should be thinking about when evaluting AI technology and emerging legal solutions?

Jill Schornack, Vice President, Product, NetDocuments

Jill Schornack is the Vice President of Product at NetDocuments, bringing 20 years of expertise in guiding law firms and corporate legal departments through the evolutions of technology. At NetDocuments, Jill is passionate about innovation and leads the team in delivering new capabilities that keep customers ahead of the curve to drive better business outcomes. Outside of work, you can find Jill enjoying family time and hockey.

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