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Exclusive Podcast with British Legal Technology Awards 2021 Headline Sponsors Introhive & Salesforce

During this exclusive Podcast, Netlaw Media is delighted to present ‘British Legal Technology Awards’ Headline Sponsors Al Mercer, Legal Industry Director – Introhive & Andy Phethean, VP, Law – Salesforce on what they think is driving innovation & intelligence automation at Law Firms and more.

In an exclusive interview, Al and Andy discuss:

  • Innovation & intelligence automation is a hot topic for law firms, what do they believe is driving this?
  • What challenges are seen in firms managing clients & how can they streamline their approach?
  • How law firms have historically used CRM & what have been the biggest challenges
  • How Law firms are evolving around being more client centric & collaborative
  • What they see as the next stage of law firm digital transformation over the next 4 years?
  • What they are most looking forward to at the British Legal Technology Awards 2021.

Al Mercer, Legal Industry Director – Introhive
Before joining Introhive Alan spent 12 years leading marketing and business development functions for law firms.

Alan therefore understands the range of practical and cultural challenges firms face around M&BD, client development, winning new work, CRM and change management. Alan now works with Introhive’s legal sector clients to understand their needs and devise solutions to meet objectives.

Andy Phethean, VP, Law – Salesforce