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Intelligent Leadership – How to Capitalise on Increasing Disruption

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Presentation Title: Intelligent Leadership – How to Capitalise on Increasing Disruption

Podcast Overview:

  • Why the traditional approach to leadership & law firm operating models is ill-suited to an increasingly uncertain world
  • Understand the implications in respect of decision making, talent management, risk management & value creation
  • How to eliminate the single point of business failure that afflicts many law firms
  • How law firms can harness emerging technologies such as Generative AI
  • How you can transform your organisation to be more akin to a living sensing highly-adaptive organism & in turn unleash the power of your talent.

Ade McCormack – Founder, Intelligent Leadership Hub

Ade McCormack is a former technologist who today is focused on helping organisations and societies thrive in the digital age. He is founder of the Intelligent Leadership Hub, which is focused on developing leaders to operate effectively in an increasingly disrupted world.

He has worked in around forty countries across many sectors. He has lectured at MIT Sloan School of Management on digital leadership and currently works with Cambridge University on their executive education programmes.

Ade is a former FT columnist. He has written six books on digital matters and has worked with a number of the world’s most recognised law firms.

He has worked with many of the world’s leading brands. He has a background in astrophysics and software engineering and has worked for the European Space Agency (space science – cosmology). He has also written a book for the European Commission on the future of talent.

Ade is interested in movement, including dance, martial arts, running and parkour, particularly its link to cognition and human durability.

Ade’s perspectives can be found on his blog at –