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Internet of Things & Artificial Intelligence

During this exclusive Podcast, Netlaw Media is delighted to present ‘London Law Expo 2017’ speaker Tony Reid, Chief Technology Officer at Hitachi.

In an exclusive interview ahead of his key presentation on ‘Under the Covers of The Internet of Things & Artificial Intelligence’, Tony discusses

  • How IoT will produce a treasure trove of big data – but what could this mean in terms of risk to businesses and the professional sector?
  • The type of patterns and trends currently being detected within IoT and AI
  • With individuals owning on average 7 IoT devices, how does an employee base the size of Hitachi keep abreast of BYOD policies or procedures and is there any best practice that Law Firms could mirror?
  • The technical challenges that may arise over the next 2 years and will these affect other sectors such as professional services industry?

Tony Reid – CTO, Hitachi

Tony Reid has performed many different roles in his 25 year career with Hitachi from General Manager of the UK business to managing the integration of a South African acquisition. Reid is currently the CTO of Hitachi Data Systems Financial Services Business Unit and is actively involved with many clients as they transform themselves into digital companies. This is a fascinating era in Financial Services as the industry focuses on delivering a dramatically improved and personally tailored customer experience and one that Hitachi have much to offer. Despite almost 40 years in the IT industry, Reid has managed to retain his charm and boyish good looks. He is an experienced speaker and will deliver an informative and entertaining presentation.


Roger Kennedy, Professional Radio Presenter and Journalist

Roger Kennedy is a professional Radio Presenter and Journalist with over 25 years experience working full-time for top UK radio stations.

Over the years Roger has presented live and recorded programmes on a wide range of specialist topics, including Motoring, Business, Personal Finance, Consumer Electronics, Holidays, Legal Issues, Medical, and many more. He has also been Head of Programming, Features Producer and Programme Controller at several different radio stations.

For 4 years Roger presented Decision makers, a weekly Business and Finance programme, covering all subjects to do with personal finance and running a business. Roger would get advice on the programme from top Bankers, Solicitors, Entrepreneurs and Politicians. Guests included such names as Alan Sugar, Richard Branson, William Hague and Tony Blair.