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Keeping your Counsel – On People Hacking, Privacy and Security

During this exclusive Podcast, Netlaw Media is delighted to present ‘London Law Expo 2017’ speaker Jenny Radcliffe, Head of Social Engineering, Training & Consultancy & Founder,

In an exclusive interview ahead of her presentation on ‘Keeping your Counsel – On People Hacking, Privacy and Security‘, Jenny discusses

  • Jenny, you are known as ‘The People Hacker’, what do you generally advise businesses on?
  • As the general business community is extremely vulnerable as a whole at present and with Law firms becoming an increase focus for hackers both externally and internally, how can the understanding of social engineering assist law firms going forward?
  • What type of patterns and trends are currently being detected? And what would you advise to the legal community to do, to keep ahead of social engineers?
  • What are the risks and challenges you see the professional sector facing in the next 2 years?
  • As one of the speakers at the European Legal security Forum, what are you most looking forward to at the event?

Jenny Radcliffe, Head of Social Engineering, Training & Consultancy & Founder,

Jenny Radcliffe is an expert in Social Engineering (the human element of security), negotiations, non-verbal communication and deception. She speaks, consults and trains people in the skills of “people hacking” and explains how “Social Engineering” using psychological methods can be a huge threat to organisations of all sizes. She reveals how that same knowledge is a valuable tool for security professionals of all types in the prevention of these attacks, scams and cons of all kinds.

Using a blend of anecdotes, science and humour, Jenny is an exceptional and highly impactful speaker. A regular keynote at major security events (Infosec, Rant, DISA, Nordic IT Security, ICS2, Trend Micro, Cisco, NTT, Bright talk, GibCyber, Cyber Security Week) and multiple TEDx contributor, Jenny has been a guest expert on security, scams and social engineering for various television and radio shows as well as online media.

Jenny is the host of the podcast “The Human Factor” and is Social Engineer in Residence for the London Digital Security Centre.


Roger Kennedy, Professional Radio Presenter and Journalist

Roger Kennedy is a professional Radio Presenter and Journalist with over 25 years experience working full-time for top UK radio stations.

Over the years Roger has presented live and recorded programmes on a wide range of specialist topics, including Motoring, Business, Personal Finance, Consumer Electronics, Holidays, Legal Issues, Medical, and many more. He has also been Head of Programming, Features Producer and Programme Controller at several different radio stations.

For 4 years Roger presented Decision makers, a weekly Business and Finance programme, covering all subjects to do with personal finance and running a business. Roger would get advice on the programme from top Bankers, Solicitors, Entrepreneurs and Politicians. Guests included such names as Alan Sugar, Richard Branson, William Hague and Tony Blair.