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Navigating Risk in the Age of Generative AI

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Presentation Title: Navigating Risk in the Age of Generative AI

Podcast Overview:

  • Why deepfakes & generative AI are revolutionary technologies
  • The different ways GenAI is being used maliciously
  • What specific risks & opportunities GenAI presents for the legal field
  • Solution approaches to GenAI risks, including legislation & provenance technologies.

Henry Ajder – Generative AI Expert & Technology Broadcaster, Ajder Advisory

Henry Ajder is a globally recognised advisor, speaker, and broadcaster working at the frontier of the generative AI and synthetic media revolution.

Henry’s work has transformed society’s understanding of deepfakes and generative AI. He has led pioneering research at organisations including MIT, WITNESS, and Sensity AI, influencing international legislation and corporate AI strategy.

He advises organisations on the opportunities and challenges these game changing technologies present, including Meta, The European Commission, BBC, The Partnership on AI, and The House of Lords.

Henry presented the BBC documentary series, The Future will be Synthesised, and regularly features in global media including The New York Times, MIT Tech Review, CNN, Reuters, and The Financial Times. He has been published by outlets including WIRED, The Next Web, NYU, and The World AI Summit.

An established keynote speaker and guest expert, Henry has spoken at venues including The Economist, CogX, The University of Oxford, and Adweek.

Previously, Henry led Synthetic Futures, the first initiative dedicated to ethical generative AI and metaverse technologies, bringing together over 50 industry-leading organisations.