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Podcast with Richard Burcher, Validatum (UK) Limited

Topic: Bad Pricing Strategies

Podcast Overview:

During this interview Podcast, Frances Armstrong, MD, Netlaw Media & Richard Burcher discuss Bad Pricing Strategies & how this impacts law firms & clients. We evaluate if technology is helping or hindering firms in achieving a fluid pricing strategy & explore the role of a pricing director including the impact that this job function can have on firms going forwards.

Richard Burcher, Managing Director, Validatum (UK) Limited

Richard Burcher is a former New Zealand practicing lawyer and managing partner with over 30 years experience.

Following post graduate study in pricing related disciplines, Richard has been based in London since 2012 as the Managing Director of Validatum (UK) Limited ( and more recently, as the Chairman of Burcher Jennings Pricing & Costs Consultants (

Richard’s pricing consultancy services and speaking engagements take him throughout the UK, Asia, India, Europe, Australasia and North America.

Richard is a regular speaker at national and international conferences including the IBA global conference (Ireland), the Commonwealth Law Conference (India), the VQ Virtual Intelligence VQ Knowledge and Strategy Forum (Sweden) and the Association of European Lawyers AGM (Jersey).

He is an Advisory Panel member of the newly formed True Value Partnership Institute based in New York, a global panel comprising only around a dozen members including the Pricing Directors in some of the world’s largest and most prestigious law firms in the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia. He is also a consultant to India’s foremost legal profession consultancy, Legal League Consulting.

Internationally acclaimed legal commentator Professor Stephen Mayson, a director of the UK Legal Services Institute, an independent public interest think-tank has recently described Richard as “without doubt the leading international legal services pricing consultant.”