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Prof. Katie Atkinson on Artificial Intelligence & The Law

Topic: Artificial Intelligence & The Law

Podcast Overview:

During this interview podcast Netlaw Media is delighted to welcome Professor Katie Atkinson, Head of Department of Computer Science, University of Liverpool. Katie shares an insight into the current academic R&D projects being undertaken in relation to AI and the future of technology within the legal sector. In addition Katie shares her perspective on the fear of change and whether the AI revolution is a threat to lawyers.


Professor Katie Atkinson
Head of Department of Computer Science, University of Liverpool

Katie Atkinson is Professor of Computer Science and Head of the Department of Computer Science at the University of Liverpool, UK. Her research concerns computational models of argument, with a particular focus on persuasive argumentation in practical reasoning and how this can be applied in domains such as law, e-democracy and agent systems. Katie holds a PhD in Computer Science and a BSc in Computer Information Systems, both from the University of Liverpool. She has published over one hundred articles in peer-reviewed conferences and journals, both specifically within the field of AI and Law, and more generally within the topic of artificial intelligence.

Katie’s work covers both theoretical and applied aspects; recent projects have concerned the development of intelligent tools for a law company, and realisation of tools to support e-democracy and legal knowledge-based systems. Katie was Program Chair of the fifteenth edition of the International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Law (ICAIL), held in San Diego, USA, in June 2015. She is Vice-President of the International Association for Artificial Intelligence and Law (, and in January 2016 she will take up the role of President of the Association.