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Risks & Opportunities from Brexit – Live at the London Law Expo 2016

Missed the London Law Expo 2016? Listen to a recording of this live presentation at the London Law Expo 2016 simply by clicking the play button above.

Presentation Title: ‘Risks & Opportunities from Brexit’

Podcast Overview:

  • What will Brexit mean for the economy, Britain’s future relationship with the EU & for the legal services sector
  • Negotiations & the scenarios that could emerge at the end of it
  • Disruption this may cause UK-based businesses & some of the risks & opportunities that are likely to be created
  • The issues that professionals in the legal services sector ought to be considering now as they prepare for Brexit.

Dr Gregor Irwin – Chief Economist, Global Counsel

Dr Gregor Irwin is the chief economist of Global Counsel, a strategic advisory firm specialising in political and regulatory risk. For the past 18 months his client work has focused primarily on the risks and opportunities from Brexit. Gregor also advises clients on trade policy and the political risks from doing business in emerging economies, including in Iran now that sanctions have been relaxed. Before joining Global Counsel, he was the Chief Economist of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office for six years. He has also worked for the Bank of England and HM Treasury on international economic and financial issues. In his earlier career, Gregor worked as an academic at Oxford University and as a consultant for the strategy firm Marakon Associates, where he served clients in financial services.