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The Age of Sci-Fi

Missed the British Legal Technology Forum 2020? Listen to a recording of this live presentation at the British Legal Technology Forum 2020 simply by clicking the play button above.

Presentation Title: The Age of Sci-Fi

Podcast Overview:

  • Grasp the reality of the current pace & how far we’ve come with technological development & innovation
  • Understand the underlying mechanisms & causes of this rapid pace & why it will continue to accelerate
  • Define the technologies that will shape our world in the next 10 to 15 years & the extent of the impact they will have
  • Share tips & techniques needed to participate in the trend & become a radical innovator yourself, learned from a 30 year career leading the world’s top tech companies
  • Discuss the legal & ethical implications of the new world we are creating & the behavioural changes needed to mitigate the risks & maximize the benefits.

Mo Gawdat – Former Chief Business Officer, Google [X]