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91% of Lawyers Expect AI-Based Document Review to Become a Standard Part of Most M&A Due Diligence Processes. Learn About Outcomes of Consistent AI Technology Use in Law Firms.

AI is crucial to the future of law, and there is a powerful practicality that comes with embracing this technology in legal work. Exciting career options and the creation of actionable metrics based on firmwide data have emerged as law firms of all sizes continue to modernize. AI is being used to achieve substantially better results, and in more ways than initially expected.

Legal professionals already know that Artificial Intelligence (AI) saves time, removes drudgery, and streamlines legal workflows—but when these technologies are fully implemented, there are many more benefits to law firms and their clients. As we look to the future, the use of legal technology—and AI specifically—will continue to impact what it means to do legal work.

This ebook explores the effects of AI on legal work and what may come next, including:

  • The expected returns on investment;
  • The indirect effects and benefits of adopting AI technology; and
  • How top law firms are using AI in transactional work.

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