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Barrister disbarred for dishonestly withholding fees from his chambers

Barrister Mr P. Collins was ordered to be disbarred by an independent disciplinary tribunal at a hearing held yesterday, following charges brought by the regulator.

The tribunal’s decision comes after Mr Collins dishonestly failed to inform his chambers, over a period in excess of two years, of the fees which he had received in respect of 32 public access cases that he had undertaken as a barrister working in the chambers. He then dishonestly failed to pay his chambers the total sum of £4,236.00 which he was legally liable to pay them in respect of his work on these cases.

In addition, the tribunal also suspended Mr Collins for three months each on two separate charges, to run concurrently.

One of the charges for which Mr Collins was suspended related to issuing a fee note to his instructing solicitor which purported to be by or on behalf of his chambers when it was not.

The other charge for which he was suspended related to failing to issue client care letters (or equivalent correspondence) to 28 public access clients; his failure to do so amounting to a breach
of BSB rules.

Commenting on the order to disbar, Director of Professional Conduct Sara Jagger said: “Mr Collins’s dishonest conduct in not paying his share of chambers’ fees over a substantial period of time, is incompatible with membership of the Bar. The tribunal’s decision to disbar reflects this.”

About Mr P. Collins

Mr Collins was called to the Bar by Gray’s Inn in October 1993.

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