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Margrethe Vestager Delivers 2019 Mackenzie-Stuart Lecture on ‘Making Markets Work: New Challenges for EU Competition Law’

On Monday 4 February EU Commissioner Margrethe Vestager delivered the 2019 CELS Mackenzie-Stuart Lecture entitled “Making Markets Work: New Challenges for EU Competition Law” at the Faculty of Law, University of Cambridge.

In her lecture, Commissioner Vestager reflected on the explosion of personal data being produced by each citizen across social media, telecommunications, and the internet of things. She considered the regulation of that data by the EU, in the context of competition regulation, and also privacy controls including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). She highlighted the need for flexibility and imagination in developing appropriate rules.

Looking further into the future Commissioner Vestager encouraged consumers to get informed about how their data is valued by internet companies, and show that they care how their data is used.  In a broader context, she also encouraged a societal awareness of how data is used, especially to ensure that human prejudice is not entrenched in artificial intelligence – a subject on which the Commission has gathered a group of experts to report.

The Mackenzie-Stuart Lecture, supported by Shearman & Sterling, is an annual public lecture hosted by the Centre for European Legal Studies (CELS) in honour of Lord Mackenzie-Stuart, the first British judge to be appointed to the European Court of Justice.

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More information about this lecture, including other recorded formats, a transcript, and photographs from the event, is available from the Mackenzie-Stuart Lecture pages on the CELS website.