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Have your say through money laundering survey

We are supporting research being carried out by The Institute for Criminal Policy Research (ICPR) into how professionals such as solicitors can inadvertently help money launderers.

ICPR is conducting an independent survey to gain a better understanding of how professionals are targeted and recruited by organised crime groups, the regulatory response to this threat, and the measures taken to protect the profession. Solicitors and law firms are an attractive target as they add legitimacy to financial and property transactions, and also regularly hold large sums of client money. That is why money laundering is one of our priority risks featured in our Risk Outlook.

Solicitors and firms play a critical role in detecting and preventing money laundering. Organised crime can only operate if criminals can move money into the legitimate financial world. We would therefore appreciate it if you complete the survey, which can be accessed here:

Go to the survey

However, you should only take part if you want to – you will not be disadvantaged in any way if you do not.

  • Participation is anonymous and confidential
  • The ICPR will not collect any identifying details (eg your name, organisation or IP address)
  • Absolutely no-one will know that you have taken part, neither the research team nor any regulatory body
  • You do not have to answer any questions you don’t want to

The survey is divided into four sections and will take no longer than 15 minutes to complete.

The full title of the research is The Role of Professional Enablers and Money Launderers in the Facilitation of Organised Fraud and is funded by The Dawes Trust (an independent charitable trust).

We at the SRA are part of a steering group that supports the research, with other members including the Law Society, City of London Police, the Home Office, the National Crime Agency, the Ministry of Justice, the Financial Conduct Authority, CiFAS, Victim Support, the National Police Chiefs Council and the Serious Fraud Office. Neither us nor any of the other steering group organisations will see individual responses.

Those who want more information about the survey or the wider research should contact Bina Bhardwa at ICPR: