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SRA confirms November launch for new regulatory model

We have confirmed that our new regulations, which will allow solicitors greater flexibility in how they work, making it easier for people to get help, will come into effect on 25 November 2019.Shorter and more targeted than the existing rules, the new SRA Standards and Regulations focus on what really matters – the issues most important to protecting the public and their money. The removal of many prescriptive rules will reduce the burden on solicitors and law firms and allow solicitors greater freedom to use their professional judgement in considering how they meet the standards.Key changes being introduced include:Creating separate codes of conduct for firms and solicitorsSimpler Account Rules that focus on the principles of keeping client money safe rather than lots of specific technical rulesFreeing up solicitors to carry out ‘non-reserved’ legal work from within a business not regulated by a legal services regulatorAllowing solicitors to provide reserved legal services on a freelance basisThe new regulations will be supported by our revised enforcement strategy, which was introduced in … read more