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SRA starts search for new Board Chair

We have begun the search for a new Chair of the Board to oversee its work protecting the public and maintaining high professional standards.

The current Chair, Enid Rowlands, is completing her final year as the first non-solicitor to lead the Board. Enid has overseen a major regulatory reform programme with sharp focus on professional standards, ensuring proper public protections while promoting an open, diverse, competitive legal sector that can provide affordable accessible services for those who need them.

Enid Rowlands said: “My time as Chair of the SRA has been an immensely rewarding opportunity to make a real difference for the users of legal services, law firms and solicitors. There is of course more to do to deliver forward-looking, customer-centred regulation, fit for the future. We are looking for someone with the appetite and the vision needed to deliver the next stage of our development.”

The role of the Chair is to provide strong leadership for our Board, providing strategic direction as we regulate more 140,000 practising solicitors and 10,400 firms across England and Wales. They will also engage with a wide range of diverse external stakeholders, acting as an ambassador for us.

Saxton Bampfylde is our employment agent and is looking for candidates with a track record of senior experience and the ability to grasp the detail of what is a complex, fast-paced and dynamic legal sector, and its regulation. The new Chair, who will also be a lay person, will step into post in January 2019.

Information on the position is available on Saxton Bampfylde’s website,, using the reference QAFAQ.