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Brexit: EU ‘Extremely Unlikely To Accept’ UK’s Free-Trade Deal

Stefan De Rynck, the main adviser to the EU’s chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier, has dismissed Theresa May’s recent free-trade proposal, arguing that the trade relationship is based on a ‘failed model’ of mutual recognition of standards. David Mundy, partner in our planning and infrastructure team, says De Rynck’s comments are a ‘reality check’ and serve as a ‘stark reminder that it takes two to tango’ in an agreement. Dr Andreas Kokkinis, assistant professor from the University of Warwick, says that the EU is ‘extremely unlikely to accept such an arrangement’ and discusses the remaining options for the UK.

The full article (Brexit: EU ‘extremely unlikely to accept’ UK’s free-trade deal) is available on LexisNexis and can be accessed by subscription.