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CAM: 5 Pillars, 1 Governance Platform 

Enable end users to save documents in the right place and risk teams to easily understand business context to set the right privacy and disposition policies.

Your adoption & governance journey is about to get a whole better.

Read our Whitepaper and learn how CAM, our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform enables organizations mitigate data chaos and reduce risks related to privacy and cybersecurity through:

  • Automatic or on-demand provisioning of Teams, Channels, workspaces, folders, & documents from any source system (I.e., CRM, HRIS, Time & Billing, etc.) or through a human workflow
  • Granular visibility over your data through CAM’s Unified Project Directory.
  • Access management across all collaboration systems
  • Ability to synchronize content between Teams and DMS (i.e., iManage)
  • Maintain regulatory compliance through data minimization policies
  • And much more…

To Read the White Paper, Click Here.