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Case Study – InfoTrack and LineTime Customer Hewitts Solicitors

Hewitts Solicitors: Automation made easy with the InfoTrack and Linetime integration.

Hewitts Solicitors is a respected law firm with a family oriented mindset. With offices in Bishop Auckland, Newton Aycliffe, Darlington, and Stockton-on-Tees, they remain the first point of contact for their local clientele. Their business is currently growing, with an average of more than 2,000 property transactions annually. Kelly Hind, Partner, tells us how the InfoTrack and Linetime integration has enabled them to save time while remaining a partnership that promotes flexibility and accuracy.

Improved workflow with integration.

For many law firms, Hewitts Solicitors’ story is not hard to believe. Prior to integrating InfoTrack and Linetime, their processes were manual. Like many traditional methods, searches were emailed back to them, requiring them to drag, drop, and save files. Folders were stored on servers on site and a bank of precedents was available for staff to access. And everything was archived the old way – as paper files.

That all changed with the introduction of Linetime, their case management system, and optimising their technology solutions through integration with InfoTrack. Kelly tells us how their workflow has drastically improved since adopting the integration, saving their entire team hours across every matter.

“With the integration, now everything is automatically there. It’s a click of a button to attach files to an email rather than going and finding it and dragging and dropping,” says Kelly, adding that fewer clicks make everyone’s day significantly easier.

Not having to log on to different systems is also a game changer. By using a single source of truth, it minimises risks and errors such as adding the wrong plan to the wrong client, since everything is exactly where it needs to be. The post-completion team are especially enjoying the benefits of automation, where Kelly shares that the function of renewing the OS and the integration with LMS has already received rave reviews within their department, being described as ‘invaluable’.

This additional integration with LMS is making a big difference to the day-to-day management of their property transactions too. “The automated renewal of the priority searches automatically tells LMS what’s going on, so we don’t have to think about it” says Kelly.

Bringing the business together across four offices

Despite several years of physical disconnection, the team are more connected than ever before. Whether the team are working from different offices or home, the ability to access their files from anywhere, digitally, has dramatically improved collaboration.

Kelly comments, “The processes before were very convoluted. It’s easy to do file reviews across offices. It has brought us together as one department rather than four different offices.”

“Your whole case is there. Your searches are there. You can draft reports, you have everything there at the touch of a button. Whereas previously, it may or may not have been saved into the electronic file,” she adds.

Knowing the information they need is accessible when they need it, from anywhere, has transformed how the team at Hewitts work and has improved the scalability of the firm. As a result, they have been able to take on more clients because they’re not having to spend the time on administrative tasks. Now, they’re able to better focus that time on providing greater value to existing clients and winning new ones.

Time-saving makes an impact with paperless processes

From the search function and digitised post-completion process to the integration with LMS and Linetime, Hewitts praise the time savings the firm is making across every matter. A sizeable portion of their conveyancing work is focused on new builds and they’ve been impressed with the turnaround time on searches. The ETA feature which highlights real-time turnarounds on searches from Local Authorities helps Kelly and the team set expectations with developers and private residential clients.

The entire experience is improved for the firm, maximising the time-saving features the InfoTrack and Linetime integration offers. “When you’re dealing with the volume that we deal with, those fewer clicks just make everyone’s lives a lot easier,” Kelly adds.

The environment is also benefitting from Hewitts’ decision to support paper-light and paperless processes. Kelly says, “We had to move with the times, we needed to have something. Everything we’re using now is modern technology, and by using a technological base, we save a few trees in the process. Everyone is thinking about how they can reduce their carbon footprint now.”

Risk management with flexibility

Managing risk is a priority for Hewitts Solicitors, and the introduction of InfoTrack and Linetime is helping them to manage risk better. From the reassurance that everything is stored safely and securely online to the accuracy of data and mitigation of human error, the integration is helping them stay on top.

Notifications of requisitions also help the team keep on top of key dates and helped them get on board with digital AP1s ahead of the mandate. Previously, the team said the process was hit and miss for the firm because they didn’t always receive emails to notify them of requisitions. Since coming on board with InfoTrack and Linetime, they receive automated notifications, can manage their requisitions within the same system, and if someone is assisting a colleague, they can easily refer to the matter history. It’s providing better communication across offices, enhancing accuracy, and ensuring requisitions aren’t falling through the cracks.

The systems don’t just support the firm’s risk objectives, they also enable them to look to the future. The ability to customise for various matter types has helped gain buy-in from team members who can see the benefits of how they can better manage their workload and offers a safety net by providing a single source of truth across a matter. When considering the future, Kelly comments, “I think the long-term storage solution is going to help us out dramatically in the future as well.”

Kelly knows that InfoTrack and Linetime will help the business along the way. The system gives them time to take on more clients, improve workflows, and deal with more complex work they wouldn’t have been able to do with a more traditional approach.

Remote working also played a big part in reinforcing the integration process already in place. Having the technology and facilities to take work and files home, where everything is available at the touch of a button, it’s a big advantage.

Why use the InfoTrack and Linetime integration?

For Kelly, the ease of use and time-savings are a big win for the firm. Hewitts’ favourite features include:

  • Time-saving – everything is in one place and automation reduces administrative burdens.
  • Risk management – searches and other important documents are stored safely, with reduced risk of human error.
  • Accessibility – the case system can be accessed from everywhere, enabling flexibility for the firm, their staff, and better remote collaboration between their offices.

Kelly recommends InfoTrack and Linetime to her peers, having already referred several other firms: “In a nutshell the things that we value most are time, accuracy, and compliance. InfoTrack and Linetime assist with all three. It’s an easy product to deal with. Communication is great and it’s all been really helpful.”

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