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CIArb Introduces New Mentoring Scheme

The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators is piloting a mentoring scheme for one year to help shape a viable and desirable scheme for the future.

As an organisation we provide well respected comprehensive training and professional development programmes which, when they cease, can leave the trained individual in need of guidance when navigating from qualification to practitioner and beyond.

Mentoring can help support and guide any individual at any level to progress personally and professionally, providing a mentee with a valuable alternative view of skills, direction, pathways for exploration and insight into what practical experience is available.

We want to help develop members professional and personal development and in doing so support a more diverse membership for the Institute.

Why do mentoring?

  • To help someone who has recently joined the Institute, or who has taken on a significantly different role, to find their feet in a new situation
  • To develop someone who is technically very capable but struggling to build some of the softer skills such as relationship building, communication, or influencing
  • To develop CIArb trained individuals who are qualified but struggle to bridge the gap towards being an ADR practitioner
  • To develop young professionals who need to envision the right path for them
  • To help someone to break through real or perceived glass ceilings
  • To become a more rounded individual with a more fulfilled and broader skills base at any level of experience

The principles of our mentoring scheme are:

  • Voluntary participation
  • Mentor training through an initial one-day workshop (if not already experienced/trained) to develop the skills and understanding to conduct effective mentoring conversations and relationships
  • Selection and matching of a mentoring partner
  • The flexibility to shape or break off the relationship when objectives and priorities change, and then continue in a fresh mentoring relationship
  • Fixed duration relationships refreshed every twelve months or so, with core skills and objectives reviewed to make sure all is well.
  • To develop longer lasting relationships that endure beyond the mentoring cycle
  • A limited number of mentees to suit availability and commitment
  • A programme administrator and experienced mentors who will help keep records of participants, facilitate the matching of mentor with mentee and generally be in support
  • An understanding that opportunities may be limited, we won’t force mentees or mentors on each other

We are now inviting applications from people who would be interested in being a mentor, or being a mentee and are based in one of our initial three pilot regions – UK, Turkey or APAC.

Please visit this page for further information and details on how to apply.