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DELTAS – Power of Diverse Thought

Back in 2015, Netlaw Media had the privilege of co-founding a group; DELTAS (Diversity & Ethics in Legal Technology & IT Security) formed from the last founding female CIO & CTO’s within the UK Legal Security sector, at the time there where 12 in private practice. Forward on to 2024 we have just approx. 5 females and sadly this figure is not rising.

As CEO of Netlaw Media this group is a passion of mine and my aim continues to be promoting the operations of law firms, at secondary schools focusing on STEM and in particular Legal Technology in a wider remit. Working alongside schools within London and nationally, where unfortunately there is a depletion of next generation skills, talent and interest in this subject, due to competition from the general business industries (Retail, Academia, Pharmaceutical, Finance etc).

The remit of DELTAS has not changed, but the scope has become more, sadly following the cut in government funding for schools, lake of increased salaries for Staff and competition from fellow schools, both private and state etc. From this year alone one school we work with, lost 30 teaching staff including the Head Teacher, which is a massive blow for the students and their parents alike. The resulting impact, lessons such as ITC, Computer Science, Maths etc are being woefully understaffed with up to 50 pupils per class for one school.

Other areas were highlighted to us; Lack of Coding, AI, Programme Development, Data Science programmes and Further Maths for A-Levels and more. A Lack in resources; IT equipment (Pc’s, Screens, Books etc) but more importunately lack of teaching staff to lead them.

2 weeks ago we held a DELTAS panel meeting, a big thank you goes to David Robinson for hosting this at Herbert Smith Freehills and for those of the panel who could join on the day; David Fazakerley, Bruna Pellicci Christel Aguila, David Wood, MBA, Caroline Hill, Jo Owen, Janet Day, Perminder Jagdev and Director of Careers from LaSwap Laura Pearcey. Additional our new deltas contacts Taavo Adams and Anissa Tennah.

What has been confirmed so far for DELTAS outreach programmes into the schools (to name but a few):

14th May – DELTAS stand at the British Legal Technology Forum 2024 – Come and Meet our DELTAS Advocates and students

30th May – Delivery of PC’s to two different schools (Camden and Elephant & Castle)

8th / 22nd May – Career Talks  –  Yr9 / Y10  + Yr11  /  Yr12  (Key Stage; 3/4/5)

6th June – Yr10 / Y11, Elephant & Castle for Career Talks

16th June – Half Day Career talk – Clifford Chance with 30 pupils from 2/3 different schools

1st July – Futures Day –– Focus on Apprenticeship routes – 4 schools

At the same time, we are working to deliver a new extra-curricular programme within Computer Science over 10 – 16 weeks collectively from Q4, to help upskill the pupils.

It is indeed a time of change and collectively the LegalTech community can make a difference. To join the panel in delivering change to schools, or become a corporate / member firm supporter contact us here:

A big thank you to our panel members including new additions to the panel and industry peers who have stepped into adjacent sectors but continue to support this initiative; Adrian Cambridge from Allford Hall Monaghan Morris

who have kindly donated PC’s to a school based in Elephant & Castle. Additionally, to our corporate sponsors and member firms Pinsent Masons, DAC Beachcroft who have also kindly committed more PC’s to the schools, BigHand, iManage for without the support makes it highly challenging to supply the schools the summer placements, equipment, away days and yes even books which they so desperately need.