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Free Threat Intelligence Webinars from Quorum Cyber

Quorum Cyber’s new #threatintelligence webinar series is your ultimate guide to understanding #cyberthreats. Lead Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst, Jack Alexander, unravels the mystery of cyber-attacks, their execution and evasion.

The series will cover everything you’ve always wanted to know about cyber threats and cyber-attacks, who executes them and why, how cybercriminals conduct their operations, how they cover their tracks and evade detection, and why they are so successful. 

Jack, who has eight years’ experience in the Royal Navy as Electronic Warfare Director and Senior Strategic Middle East Intelligence Analyst, will share his considerable knowledge and insights and demystify this fast-evolving field of cyber security. During the series, he’ll reveal how Quorum Cyber’s team gathers their intelligence and builds expertise, which they make freely available to the market.

Join Jack on 17th January 2024 when he’ll present an outlook for threat intelligence for the year ahead.

The 50-minute webinars are ideal for IT, technology and security leaders, CISOs, CIOs, CTOs, CFOs, CROs Data Protection Officers, HR, Privacy & Risk Officers, Legal Officers/Executives in any sector. Attendees will have time to ask any questions in the Q&A.

Registrations are now open for Threat Intelligence Outlook 2024. And you can watch Jack’s first two webinars, ‘Ransomware Groups: New Techniques, Targets and Trends’ and ‘Evolution of the ‘Big Four’ and the threats they pose in cyber space’ on Quorum Cyber’s Vimeo channel. 

Visit Quorum Cyber’s website to stay tuned to regular security bulletins, read the latest malware reports and study threat actor profiles.

If you would like to discuss anything on threat intelligence or Quorum Cyber’s comprehensive range of cyber security and data security services, please contact them at or on 0800 029 1305.