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Learn About Litera Create’s Heritage, Architecture, and the Steps Needed to Implement the Platform

Litera Create is a document assembly and content library platform for Microsoft Word, designed to empower legal professionals to create quick and accurate first drafts through creating and sharing firm-approved templates and reusing the right version of clauses and content. The result is faster drafting by 85%, saving legal professionals billable time, improving firm profitability, and enhancing firm reputation.

This whitepaper aims to present the intricacies of implementing and using Litera Create to reap the benefits of faster and more accurate drafting. Access it to learn more about:

  • Main benefits of Litera Create for lawyers, administrators, IT teams, etc.
  • Litera Create Services-Oriented Architecture (SOA)
  • Steps of successfully implementing Litera Create, and more.

To read the eBook click here.