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Ince Gordon Dadds growth continues at pace with the addition of five former Ince & Co network firms

The Ince Gordon Dadds group is growing to include twelve offices in seven countries after former Ince & Co network firms in Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai, Greece and Germany agreed to enter new arrangements.

Revenue for these operations is over £23 million alongside the current £77 million annualised revenues for Gordon Dadds.

Ince Gordon Dadds is part of Gordon Dadds Group plc (AIM: GOR), an acquisitive London-based legal and professional services business, which has agreed to enter into new arrangements with the independent legal entities which are former Ince & Co network firms in Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai, Greece and Germany with effect from 1 April 2019.

The international firms are deepening their relationships with the group following the successful completion of due diligence and consultation with regulators.

Commenting on the new arrangements, Adrian Biles, Chief Executive Officer of the Company, said:

“The Ince name is a leading global brand and I am delighted that the former Ince & co international partnerships will continue to operate as one, as members of the Ince Gordon Dadds Group.

“The integration of Ince’s London office with Gordon Dadds, to form Ince Gordon Dadds, has progressed smoothly and the commercial benefits of the larger operation are beginning to be demonstrated. with the expanded international group now encompassing twelve offices across seven countries and some £100 million of annual revenues, I look forward to continuing this trend of growth and expansion, as we continue to offer clients an impressive breadth and depth of service both by practice area and geography.”

The firms will be bound with Ince Gordon Dadds to operate closely together under new commercial arrangements and a new governance structure. The members of the partnerships will commit to a common structure governing the membership, business, conduct and management of the international firms and the rights, duties and obligations of their members. The structure will be controlled through membership of a new non-trading international governance entity.

The international firms will continue to be separate legal entities owned by the local partners, operating under the Ince name.

Contributor: Ince Gordon Dadds