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Knights hits UK top 100 and sets sights on acquisition in 12 months

Knights 1759 has been named as 82 in the UK Top 100 by The Lawyer’s annual analysis of the UK legal sector, jumping 26 places since 2016.

The professional services business has achieved UK Top 100 status which it stated as a goal five years ago. In 2016 Knights turned over £33 million recording a 64% growth.

David Beech, CEO for Knights said: “This report is the leading annual report for the UK’s legal sector and Knights continues to be recognised within the report for growth and operating efficiently.

“With a growing list of high-profile national clients and our growing team of non-law professionals across six regional offices, we’re in a position to handle increasingly complex projects on behalf of clients and more London-based legal firms are choosing to outsource work to us.

“As well as setting our sights on substantial growth, we’re committed to becoming the UK’s number one regional professional services business. We’re on track to achieving this and continue to look for acquisition opportunities which complement our culture and geographical footprint.

“Potential new markets for us include the West Midlands and Yorkshire. Both areas will complement our existing network of offices in Cheltenham, Chester, Derby, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Oxford and Wilmslow.

“It’s important that we replicate the success of our other locations and establish ourselves in a market where there is access to talented professionals and teams who share our vision.”

Knights was the first UK commercial law firm to attract private equity investment and now operates from six regional centres with 400 professionals and 100 support staff.