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‘The Partner’ speaks to Netlaw Media’s Managing Director about the company’s rebrand and future

The founding of Netlaw Media in 2008 came with the recognition of a recurring Issue affecting the legal sector – the tendency of legal education provision to be somewhat mundane, behind the times and of limited value to its audience. 

Netlaw Media was born out of a passion to address these problems and its commitment to deliver pioneering legal information, education, networking and qualifications to legal professionals in ever-more valuable ways has since positioned the company as a leading CPD provider at the forefront of European legal information and education.

Catherine Smith talks to Frances Armstrong (FA), MD of Netlaw Media, as the company initiates plans for major expansion. 

Q: What makes Netlaw Media one of Europe’s most successful legal information and education providers?

FA: As leaders in our field, we produce innovative, informative and well-organised events and which are unique, yet focused on our delegates’ requirements. Additionally, Netlaw Media delivers sector focused information via a range of electronic platforms which assist lawyers and legal management with personal and professional development.

Our key strength is creativity and ground-breaking ideas with a fresh, forward-thinking outlook. Netlaw Media uses many modern mediums, including video, apps, social media and the internet to reach a wide audience of legal professionals, and we invite only the most respected speakers to impart cutting-edge information at our events. However, an important factor of our company success is we work hard to fully understand our delegates and sponsors prior to all events, so the information presented is useful to all attendees.

Q: What has changed in the short-term at Netlaw Media? 

FA: We have just developed a new company logo and website which reflects our international ambitions and our growing appeal. Our new company website, which will be launched on the 1st of March 2014 represents the forward-thinking vision at Netlaw Media and will assist our brand to be more widely recognised across the sector. In addition, we have just re-launched ‘The Partner’ magazine and envision this quarterly publication to become an established must-read for legal managers within the UK and beyond. 

Finally, Netlaw Media will also stage a number of new events this year including Europe’s largest law exhibition which will take place in central London during mid October.

Q: How is Netlaw Media planning to expand within the next 18 months? 

FA: Our main strategy is to develop a more prominent international presence and to pour more energy and resources into the media side of Netlaw Media.

We already have a first-class reputation for event and information provision within the legal sector. However, we are now looking to push our global reach even further and to attract new audiences, particularly those created by the UK’s current regulatory climate, which is opening doors to new entrants to the legal services market.

We are also creating fresh ways to deliver CPD accredited education and information, but again we want to push the boundaries and are currently focused on developing a new concept of video-based communication, news and information dissemination. Simply put, gone are the days where professionals were succumbed to being educated by a stuffy presenter with a love of power point, now, people want to be excited by education and that’s what we are striving to deliver.

Our focus on video-based communication reflects the search engine shifts towards video, as opposed to text-based content, and with our pioneering communication and delivery strategy, we will solve a number of problems relating to accessibility of education, information and accreditation. With this strategy, we also aim to resolve a number of contemporary issues associated with education and information delivery in a fast-paced and ever-changing legal environment. With the recent signing of heavyweight corporate sponsors, Netlaw Media now has the resources to achieve our ambition, and we are pleased to announce that Netlaw Media will soon launch its own television studios to deliver information in a very different format. 

FA: Our strategic goal is to promote more debate and interactivity so education and information provision can become more collaborative, thought-provoking and ultimately more enjoyable for audiences the world over.

With accreditation provision approval from the Solicitors’ Regulation Authority already in place, we are now working to gain accreditation for the international provision of CPD courses and events (or the equivalent in different jurisdictions), and have plans to expand into Asia, the Middle East and other European countries.

By delivering a fresh outlook for video-based Information and education will allow Netlaw Media to make CPD more accessible to global audiences and communities, which in turn will assist Netlaw Media to deliver a focus on contemporary opportunities and issues that impact the global legal sector.

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