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SCAM ALERT – Beware of scam emails from & selling ‘Netlaw Media Event Attendee Details’

Following on from a email scam in late May 2017 where event sponsors received emails from a company claiming to be in the possession of Netlaw Media’s Event attendee list (see below for original new from 30 May 2017), a new scam has just surfaced from someone claiming to be Linda Kuhn from a company called umaxmedia in the US with the email address of – See Below:

From: Linda Kuhn []
Sent: 01 August 2017 12:40
Subject: Netlaw Media Exhibition Attendees Database 2017.


Hope you are doing well.

I understand that your company is participating / exhibiting at Netlaw Media Exhibition 2017.

Would you be interested in an Attendees list for Multi-Channel Marketing?

We have available 2,000 Confirmed Attendees complete contact information including Opt-in email address and direct phone numbers.

Awaiting your response.All Posts

Thanks & Regards,

Linda Kuhn

Marketing Executive


IMPORTANT: As with the notice below, Netlaw Media does not share, nor sell the details of our event attendees. This is a Scam and you will not receive details of our event attendees..

For details of other event organisers which umaxmedia also claim to have attendee details, visit and



Netlaw Media has been made aware of an email scam where sponsors of ‘The London Law Expo 2017’ are being offered the opportunity to purchase the attendee list from a RAY MILLER, who is sending the email from The details of the email are as follows:


This is an outstanding offer for London Law Expo 2017 Sponsors!

I am writing to check if you would be interested in acquiring the list of attendees for your marketing and sales initiatives.

This is an opportunity to acquire list of 1,542 attendees contact details for a robust marketing campaign which will eventually help you convert the compiled leads in to phenomenal sales deal.

You will receive the file for permanent usage where you can use this list for multiple campaigns and cold calling. Please find below mentioned data fields for your review.

Please revert with your interest to get you connected with our Business Development Manager, who will send out the counts, pricing details for your review.

Best Regards,

Ray Miller

Marketing and Communications

IMPORTANT – Netlaw Media does not share, nor sell the details of our event attendees. We took the decision 6 years ago to cease the practice of offering attendee lists and we will never offer or sell our attendees details to any organisation.

After receiving this email from a number of sponsors of ‘The London Law Expo 2017’, Netlaw Media asked one of our sponsors to request a sample attendee list, which we have since received. We can confirm that none of the attendees’ listed within the sample list are registered to attend ‘The London Law Expo 2017’, nor have they attended any previous Netlaw Media event.

As the email from Ray Miller does contain the names and contact details of representatives within the UK legal sector, Netlaw Media will be making an effort to contact the representatives who’s details are supplied within the list.

The email and attachment which has been received by Ray Miller has since been sent to our lawyers. The email below was sent to Ray Miller on the 30th May 2017.

Dear Mr Miller

It has been bought to our attention that you are fraudulently claiming to have a copy of Netlaw Media’s attendee list from ‘The London Law Expo 2017’ for which you are clearly intending to profit by means of fraud.

I wish to advise you that our lawyers have been notified and the emails / attendee sample list you have sent, replied and forwarded to our client has been recorded and will be used as evidence to convict you of criminal and fraudulent activity, misrepresentation and copyright breaches.

At this present time, our lawyers are in contact with their US counterparts and the US federal government and that legal action has commenced against you and the companies you represent.

As legal action has already commenced, we strongly advise you to refrain from contacting any company or individual with claims that you have confidential information associated with Netlaw Media.

Netlaw Media

Following early investigation, we have been informed that the domain name of is registered to the following address in the US.

Name:  Expo Lists

Organization:  Expo Lists

Street:  N west street, suite

City:  Wilmington

Postal Code:  19801

Country:  US

Phone:  +1.8150837007 (Phone does not work)

It seems this scam has been running for years – To view some of the events which have received similar attention, click the following link: