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Recently in London, ex-head of UK Trade and Investment Lord Digby Jones launched where he proclaimed the website to be soon ‘one of the largest information portals for the global legal sector’.

In ten weeks since launch, has become one of the biggest law blogging websites on the internet with over 19,000 blogs posts, articles and news pieces being submitted to the site from around the world.

Frances Anderson, Managing Director of Netlaw Media and creator of explains “The idea behind took place approximately five years ago when we were discussing an article in a UK law publication that was extremely bias and delivered the wrong message. During discussions which followed, we realised that what we were reading in many cases was the view of an individual who was employed by a publisher, who typically did not have any experience of working in the law or for a law firm. When we sat down to investigate further, it soon become apparent that there was better quality content being written by law bloggers with professional knowledge and experience which was being over looked by the sector.

From the weeks of research that followed, we quickly realised the information written by bloggers was not seeing the light of day as these blogs were generally posted on a page within their firms websites, or were difficult to find as they were buried deep within search listings.

What we began to recognise is that a blog hidden on page 78 of a major search engine may well contain vital information that could lead to a major change in the sector, the way a law firm runs as a business or even a landmark decision. The idea was then to design a dedicated platform which allowed law bloggers the opportunity to have their voices heard, and more so, the opportunity to see their hard work displayed on the front page of a reputable website whether they were a well known lawyer from an international law firm, or a student studying his or her degree.

One of the most important factors of the site is that we want to promote freedom of speech and information sharing, and to do this, we will never charge visitors to view the site or contributors to display their content, and only display information once a blogger has given the consent for the information to be included. In return, we offer the blogger an opportunity for their work to be seen by a large international audience where we display the heading of an individual blog post and two to three lines of content and once a visitor clicks to read more, the visitor is then directed to the bloggers website where they are free to read the post and continue to explore other parts of the bloggers site”.

Since launching, contributors to the site have reported increases in traffic by up to 18% and with a growing list of well known contributors such as John Flood, Michael Scutt, The White Rabbit, Paralegal Hell and Law Actually submitting to the site, will soon be the largest information portal for the global legal community that Lord Jones proclaimed it would.