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Never settling for mediocrity: innovative law firm achieve excellence through better utilising the skillset of their internal teams

The introduction of new voice technology at Paul Robinson Solicitors LLP has dramatically improved client turnaround times and provided fee earners with the tools they need to be more self-sufficient.

Paul Robinson Solicitors LLP are one of the largest and most-successful independent law firms in the South East, who pride themselves on the diligent and hard-working nature of their staff. With this in mind, the firm recognised a need to make working processes easier for staff and to get work done more efficiently.

Historically, the firm had used 1:1 ratios of solicitors to secretaries in an attempt to process the high volumes of work they experienced, effectively. However, as the firm grew and evolved it has streamlined its processes to ensure efficiency at all times.  This has also been enhanced by enabling the dictating and sending of work when out of the office.

Lorraine Lancaster, Partner at Paul Robinson comments; “In a world where client expectations are rising, and law firms are required to perform, we knew we needed to look at more efficient ways of meeting those expectations without increasing the pressure on our staff.  Although our Secretaries are all proficient typists, the reality prior to BigHand Speech Recognition was that they were typing up some documents which could be done by voice technology, enabling their skills and time to be better utilised.”

In the short time since implementing BigHand Speech Recognition and BigHand Go the firm are already seeing the benefits. Support staff are able to attend to all of their tasks with speed, and without the need to leave administration lagging behind. To avoid unnecessary delays, fee earners have the tools needed to complete urgent work, both inside and out of normal working hours, without the help of their secretaries.

Lorraine continues; “Work is now being turned around on the same day. My secretary and I love the new technology and how easy it makes the document approval process. After the initial voice training we are really impressed with the accuracy rates of BigHand Speech Recognition, and how quickly it picked up on the specific terminology we use. I can already see how this project is going to have a really positive impact on the work load”.

The firm are currently in the process of moving from a fundamentally paper-based system to a more streamlined electronic system. Lorraine concludes; “The BigHand technology has made both the fee earners and secretaries jobs so much easier. Our staff are now equipped with the tools they need to do their jobs to the highest standard, turn work around faster, and ultimately work much more efficiently.”