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What is next for Netlaw Media, and the future of Europe’s Largest Legal Expos?

Although the Covid-19 pandemic and national lockdown has been a testing time for all, Netlaw Media remains positive that the future for the events industry will not be without triumphs. Now more than ever businesses work through this hyper accelerated era of fast paced change, innovating and creating new ventures to sustain their future.

Since launching during the national lockdown in March 2020, Netlaw Media’s LegalTech Talks has attracted over 1,800 subscribers, and continues to deliver high-quality thought-leadership, which is relevant and has the contribution and engagement from subscribers across 82 countries.

Following a successful Q1 and Q2 Netlaw Media now prepare and plan for the delivery of the series in Q3 and Q4.

Frances Anderson, CEO, Netlaw Media comments on the series so far: “It has always been a privilege to work with a diverse array of passionate leaders within the legal and commercial space across all Netlaw Media events, and now more so than ever I am thrilled that this series has featured prominent speakers, and new faces alike, sharing their thoughts with a worldwide audience”.

The LegalTech Talks series has featured over 50 speakers, with the 17th live session “Innovation Roundtable – Legal Innovation, R&D and Tech” being delivered live on 12th August. Chaired by Rachel Barnes, Head of Collaborations, Ashurst Advance and featuring; Curt Meltzer, Litera, Evangelist, Former Law Firm CIO & Legal Technology Expert; April Brousseau, Global Lead and Innovation, Clifford Chance Create; Chris Bentley, Managing Director, Legal Innovation Zone (LIZ) and Thomas G. Martin, CEO, LawDroid.

Anderson continues: “thought leaders such as Professor Richard Susskind OBE, continue to share essential insights, best practice advice, and personal trials and tribulations online, the legal community listen and seek support through testing times. Series such as LegalTech Talks play a small, but powerful role, in supporting the growth and rapid transformation of legal sector during these uncertain times”.

The Legal industry accepts that virtual events will not replace the importance and desired socialization and psychological connection that face to face events offer. Netlaw Media’s portfolio of events is rapidly evolving and although virtual events are here to stay, in person exhibitions for which the organisation is renowned will eventually return better than ever.

The team are working full steam ahead to deliver their first hybrid event “The European Legal Security Forum” on 6th October 2020, featuring more industry leaders, and welcoming leading legal and iconic brands, such as Event Partner Egress.

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