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Panesar & Co enjoy increased efficiencies and time-savings thanks to BigHand Professional and BigHand Speech Recognition.

The Essex based Crime and Family Law firm pride themselves on their tech-savvy and forward-thinking approach to IT. Having considered the option of speech-to-text technology for a few months, Panesar & Co decided to implement BigHand Professional and BigHand Speech Recognition after seeing it’s impressive accuracy rates and ease-of-use via an online demo and short trial period.

BigHand Professional is ideal for small and medium organisations due to the combination of the subscription pricing, minimal IT requirements, smart workflow options and mobility benefits. It can be downloaded and installed over the internet and there’s no need for any costly server or database software. BigHand Speech Recognition automatically converts voice into text, so you can create whole documents with just your voice.

Parm Panesar, Partner at Panesar & Co comments, ‘As a small sized and specialist law firm, we need to deliver agile working options to keep on top of our fast-moving workload. We found the online demonstration of the BigHand solution to be very informative and helpful, and were impressed with the technology at hand. We could instantly see the benefits that BigHand Professional could bring to the firm.’

Panesar & Co wanted a solution that would speed up the process of producing lengthy documents, attendance notes and statements. Previously, their secretaries would spend most of their time typing, leaving only a small amount of time for other tasks. Back-logs of work would develop, especially when urgent work came in out-of-hours and needed to be turned around quickly.

BigHand Speech Recognition has alleviated the pressure of producing these urgent and time-sensitive documents, and back-logs have diminished. For example, Fee Earners can now dictate a document from home in the evening, and simply have a secretary proof-read the transcribed version in the morning.

Panesar & Co were up-and-running with the software straight away, following a simple sales process. The firm use a pool of secretaries to help with the distribution of work. With BigHand Professional, they can sort dictations by due date which helps them to organise their days more efficiently. In addition, Fee Earners can dictate anywhere and at any time using either a mobile or dictation device.

Parm concludes, ‘BigHand has made a significant difference to our document processing and overall productivity. I have already recommended BigHand to my peers and wouldn’t hesitate to do so again.’