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Rory Macfarlane discusses the importance of preparation for a cyber-attack

Ince & Co’s Hong Kong-based partner, Rory Macfarlane, explores the necessity for businesses to prepare for cyber-attacks, in Asia-mena Counsel’s recent publication on Cyber Security and Data Protection.

In the article, ‘Cybersecurity a board room priority, says Ince & Co’, Rory emphasises that businesses must understand the likelihood of experiencing a cyber-attack, with data and money now being prime targets. The consequences of such an attack can be disastrous, with a great number of companies victimised by cyber-attacks going out of business within a short period of time. He stresses that company boards are now becoming increasingly important in ensuring that a business is properly protected against cyber threats.

Despite the huge financial cost of a cyber-attack, many companies remain unprepared. Rory highlights that it is essential to invest in a satisfactory cybersecurity system and have employee protocols in place. Please click here to read the full article.

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