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Streamline and Modernize Automated Document Design with Litera Create Templates and Content (Part 2)

Law firms are in the business of reusing content, and properly automating templates is key to accuracy and efficiency. Litera Create’s Document Designer empowers users and template designers with tools to accelerate their repetitive work, giving your team time to focus on more value-added tasks, while safely and efficiently reusing firm-approved content.

Watch Litera Experts as we continue our conversation around Litera Create, focusing on the core concepts and capabilities of the Document Designer. In this session we’ll:

  • Do a quick review of Litera Create
  • Make sure documents are accessible to all approved collaborators, regardless of their physical location or the device they’re using.
  • Enable a simple fill-in form with Create Content
  • Edit and add variables to stored Content
  • Automate a more sophisticated Template, adding:
    • a data connection
    • a simple list
    • a conditional block
    • an expression
  • Discuss your implementation strategies.

To Watch the Webinar, Click Here.